Refund and Returns Policy


At Distress Sales Kenya, we strive to ensure a smooth and satisfactory transaction experience for both buyers and sellers. Due to the nature of distressed asset sales, our Refund and Returns Policy is outlined below to clarify the terms and conditions applicable to refunds and returns on our platform.

1. General Policy

1.1 No Refunds or Returns
Given the nature of distressed asset sales, all transactions on Distress Sales Kenya are final. We do not offer refunds or accept returns once a sale has been completed. Buyers are encouraged to thoroughly review listings, inspect items, and verify details before finalizing their purchase.


2. Seller Obligations

2.1 Accurate Listings
Sellers are required to provide accurate and detailed descriptions of their items, including any defects, damages, or other pertinent information. Misrepresentation of an item’s condition or features is strictly prohibited.


2.2 Item Inspections
Sellers must allow potential buyers the opportunity to inspect items in person before completing a transaction. This helps ensure transparency and buyer satisfaction.


3. Buyer Responsibilities

3.1 Due Diligence
Buyers are responsible for performing due diligence before making a purchase. This includes carefully reviewing item descriptions, inspecting items, and asking the seller any relevant questions.


3.2 Binding Agreement
Once a buyer agrees to purchase an item and the transaction is completed, the sale is considered final and binding.


4. Dispute Resolution

4.1 Dispute Handling
In the event of a dispute between a buyer and a seller, Distress Sales Kenya may offer mediation services to help resolve the issue. However, we do not guarantee a resolution and are not liable for the outcome.


4.2 Reporting Issues
If you encounter a problem with a transaction, please contact our support team at within 48 hours of the transaction. Provide all relevant details, including transaction ID, item description, and the nature of the issue.


5. Exceptions

5.1 Fraudulent Listings
If a listing is found to be fraudulent or significantly misrepresented, Distress Sales Kenya reserves the right to investigate and take appropriate action, which may include issuing a refund or removing the seller from the platform.


5.2 Legal Compliance
In cases where a refund or return is required by law, we will comply with all applicable legal requirements to ensure the rights of our users are protected.


6. Contact Us
If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Refund and Returns Policy, please contact us at:


  • Email:
  • Phone: +254 722865129

Thank you for using Distress Sales Kenya. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in making our marketplace a trusted platform for all users.